My name is Meredith Annette Harper. People die, love doesn't. Pull up a chair.

"It's exactly like how Ring Lardner said: 'Life is tough. Three out of three people die. Shut up and deal.' Because this is the only game in town. You can't just get up and go sit at another card table if you don't like this one. And it might not be poker. For all I know, it's like World of Warcraft and we're all actually just bits and bytes of circuitry. Well. Whatever.

"Bad stuff happens to everybody, but some are destroyed by it and some aren't. I'm fascinated by grace sometimes coming from the unlikeliest of directions, and what really inspires me is unexpected quirky bravery in people just as ordinary as I am. My fictional characters, accordingly, are neither glamorous nor perfect. Perfection requires no courage--and just about the only place it ever exists in real life is in the eyes of a lover. We're all just feeling our way along. Groping for meaning in the dark, sometimes in pairs. Sometimes alone.

"All of us experience the uncanny--premonitions, dreams, glimpses of what may be the future. Maybe we ignore it or explain it away. My characters try to do the same, but don't always succeed. That goes for me, too. But I'm not scared, I'm comforted. The only meaning we can detect in anything is what we choose to see, and a sense of humor helps. Not everybody's lucky enough to have one.

"I'm lucky."

The Girl Who Danced at The Come On Inn--Book #1 in The Jolie Blonde Series

"Okay. My Jolie Blonde series starts out in this first book here as only slightly metaphysical, but by Book Three--Love After Death--we've got a full-blown haunting going on. I can't write about vampires or werewolves because I've never encountered any, but ghosts work for me. I think I've seen one. I know I've heard one. And another thing I know is that love itself is paranormal, and ordinary people fall in it all the time. We love our lovers, and we love our children, parents and friends. Like gravity, love endures. Clues to its deathless quality may be glimpsed from the corners of our eyes once in a while, if we don't look away. Me and my characters, sometimes we imagine that these glimpses might actually be guiding us. Maybe Something out there--Aliens? Angels? Our own mourned dead? God?--loves us dearly. Or maybe we're just invented characters in the Universe's infinite computer game. Pawns. Avatars. But I'm okay with that. Like I have any choice...

"I think a lot of people view life as an epic struggle, basically tragic, while others see it as ridiculous and absurd. Me, I guess I fall somewhere in between. Well. Whatever it is, it's the only game in town. And the rules keep changing.



"Is it really possible to recognize your soulmate at age sixteen? ...We've loved the Savoies... through pyrotechnics, passion, downright rapture, misfires, mishaps, and tragedy... but never before have we seen them in their guileless innocence... Welcome to adulthood, kids. It can burn with white heat, and it's always fatal." --Goodreads
" exciting journey from New Orleans to the banks of Bayou Lafourche... a suspenseful story of a family struggling to save one another... you may just call it magical."--Celeste Berteau, The New Orleans Advocate
"Stylishly written... A whopper of a ghost story... savvy and chilling."
"The magic here isn't really UFOs but rather the kind that allows the right people to find each other. Harper capably creates fully rounded portraits of her believable, scarred, sometimes-insecure, entirely lovable characters."
-Kirkus Reviews
"Tackles a difficult subject with wit and candor...Funny, sharp and tough-minded."
-Publishers Weekly
"A brilliant juxtaposition of two worlds…Provocative, endearing, and often funny."
-St. Louis Dispatch

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