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A farmer's daughter, M. A. Harper was born in South Carolina and studied art at Tulane University. She began writing when painting failed to satisfy and is the author of seven novels as well as three children's plays, song lyrics, numerous nonfiction articles and the FAINT GLOW column. 

Professional recognition includes a 2015 Digital Book Award nomination, a Barnes & Noble's "Discover Great New Authors" selection, the BookSense '76 List, and READ magazine's Creative Writing Award--won at age thirteen.

Among past and present pursuits are skydiving, metaphysics and palmistry. She's worked as legal receptionist, free-lance commercial artist, window dresser, stage manager at New York City's La MaMa Experimental Theatre Company, theatrical designer of sets and costumes for other off-Broadway troupes, retail sales clerk and shoe seller.

Harper is a longtime Saints fan, and New Orleans is home.