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Goodbye. Maybe.

A curious anagram for "Meredith Annette Harper" is "That name retired her pen." Hmm. So maybe I ought to think about fulfilling the prophecy. Truth is, I've little ambition to write these days. The whole activity's become nonstop algorithmic self-promotion for which I have neither the chops nor marketability. What I have had is the time of my life, all my literary dreams came true, and I was able to say just about everything I ever wanted. What's not to love? Thank you all for being such supportive dears and may your own dreams come true, but I hereby declare myself free and am headed out to celebrate as 750,000 hungry authors daily step up to take my place, hahahaha! Bless their hearts, I wish them all the best. Cheers!

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Sometimes I Wonder

Why is everybody so angry these days? Sometimes I wonder about other stuff like do crows and blue jays have a sense of smell? Or what did the old folks in 1132 C.E. do to get around before knee replacement surgery or even wheelchairs were options? I don't know about the birds, but people probably just died before getting old; that'd pretty much solve that problem. Okay, I realize there are scientific answers for questions like these--or at least some educated guesses--and all I have to do is Google 'em. But that's not what I'm  Read More 

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New Novel Soon

All I'm going to say right now is that its title is to be THINGS THAT CAN FALL, it's set in New York City during the 1970's disco era, and it's not a romance. Stay tuned.

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Tired. Hot. Sad.

May I just say I'm tired? Very happy about some recent matrimonial developments concerning my family, but as for all else, just too depressed and bummed out by the violence in my country to put virtual pen to virtual paper right now. I'm no stranger to widespread unrest. The late 60's were chockablock full  Read More 
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I'm 67 Today. I Own It.

No apologies from here. Today's my birthday, and I'm not young, and I don't care who knows it or thinks less of me because of it. I used to believe I had to hide my age and be coy, but you know what? It took a whole lot of living to get me this far. I've made some  Read More 
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The Last Time I Did Stuff

When did you last turn a cartwheel?

I asked myself that same question last night, when it just popped into my head as I watched a thirtyish woman doing one on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The actress herself probably wasn't doing it. This was no doubt her stunt-double. Actresses are too  Read More 
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Bird Watch

It's Bird Heaven in my back yard this morning. After all the cloudy gloom we've had in the last few days, the sun is shining and birds are caroling their guts out. I need to get off this keyboard, go outside, and just sit. Sans phone, laptop, or paperback book. --Well, maybe a book  Read More 
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How A New Novel is Like a Kite

I built my own kite when I was fourteen years old, from diagrams in the WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA. Nothing fancy, not a box kite, just the traditional shape but big and strange. Made of two crossed sticks covered with a skin of black plastic taken from a garbage bag, it also had a very  Read More 
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Margaritas and Finger Sandwiches

It's a beautiful, chilly, Mardi Gras Saturday here in Louisiana. There must be like a gazillion parades scheduled for today, but I don't intend to go see any of them. Hmm. Just when did I stop Mardi Grazing, and why? Well, a dear friend's death several years ago from a fall certainly had something to with it--the sadness still lingers--but even  Read More 
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Sorry To Neglect You, Dear Blog...

The last time I posted here, it was the heat of August I was bitching about. I let it make me lazy. And then grew more involved with a new novel (yet untitled, but due out sometime this spring) in my JOLIE BLONDE series, to such a degree where I was working on it  Read More 
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