Tired. Hot. Sad.

July 12, 2016

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May I just say I'm tired? Very happy about some recent matrimonial developments concerning my family, but as for all else, just too depressed and bummed out by the violence in my country to put virtual pen to virtual paper right now. I'm no stranger to widespread unrest. The late 60's were chockablock full (more…)

I'm 67 Today. I Own It.

June 1, 2016

Tags: Ageism, birthday, survival

No apologies from here. Today's my birthday, and I'm not young, and I don't care who knows it or thinks less of me because of it. I used to believe I had to hide my age and be coy, but you know what? It took a whole lot of living to get me this far. I've made some (more…)

The Last Time I Did Stuff

May 17, 2016

Tags: Cartwheel, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, nail-biting, death of a parent

When did you last turn a cartwheel?

I asked myself that same question last night, when it just popped into my head as I watched a thirtyish woman doing one on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The actress herself probably wasn't doing it. This was no doubt her stunt-double. Actresses are too (more…)

Bird Watch

April 18, 2016

Tags: Blue jays, crippled jay, hummingbird, cardinals

It's Bird Heaven in my back yard this morning. After all the cloudy gloom we've had in the last few days, the sun is shining and birds are caroling their guts out. I need to get off this keyboard, go outside, and just sit. Sans phone, laptop, or paperback book. --Well, maybe a book (more…)

How A New Novel is Like a Kite

April 1, 2016

Tags: Building a kite, launching a book, THE GIRL WHO DANCED AT THE COME ON INN

I built my own kite when I was fourteen years old, from diagrams in the WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA. Nothing fancy, not a box kite, just the traditional shape but big and strange. Made of two crossed sticks covered with a skin of black plastic taken from a garbage bag, it also had a very (more…)

Margaritas and Finger Sandwiches

February 6, 2016

Tags: Mardi Gras Saturday, playing with dolls, the "Mama Doll Song", "Puff the Magic Dragon", Thoth parade, friends, cold weather

It's a beautiful, chilly, Mardi Gras Saturday here in Louisiana. There must be like a gazillion parades scheduled for today, but I don't intend to go see any of them. Hmm. Just when did I stop Mardi Grazing, and why? Well, a dear friend's death several years ago from a fall certainly had something to with it--the sadness still lingers--but even (more…)

Sorry To Neglect You, Dear Blog...

January 24, 2016

Tags: New novel, JOLIE BLONDE series, injured wrist

The last time I posted here, it was the heat of August I was bitching about. I let it make me lazy. And then grew more involved with a new novel (yet untitled, but due out sometime this spring) in my JOLIE BLONDE series, to such a degree where I was working on it (more…)

Damaged Stuff

August 6, 2015

Tags: air conditioning, hot weather, paddle-ball, damaged people, robotic intelligence, Vacation Bible School.

It's too hot to blog. But also too hot to do anything else, so I'm writing and sweating and hoping my air conditioning doesn't go out. It's running day and night like a mad thing and I can sense its exhaustion. If it had any sort of robotic intelligence, I'd feel sorry for it--something I (more…)

Losing Terry Pratchett

March 13, 2015

Tags: Sir Terry Pratchett, Discworld, Death

There'll never be another Terry Pratchett.

I've read all of his Discworld novels at least twice. When Hurricane Katrina hit here almost ten years ago, among the few things I took with me after I had to flee were two Pratchett paperbacks. They helped see me through. Yesterday's news of his passing hit me (more…)


January 14, 2015

Tags: Crisis, opportunity, Whole Foods, Lolo, gift/shoe store, Snopes, unemployment

Seems to me I remember hearing somewhere--I don't know if I have this right--but didn't somebody once say that the Chinese word/pictogram for "Crisis" is the same as the one for "Opportunity"? Cultural lefties yammer away in yoga classes and Whole Foods, quoting (or misquoting) gurus and holistic authorities on every conceivable subject without (more…)


"Is it really possible to recognize your soulmate at age sixteen? ...We've loved the Savoies... through pyrotechnics, passion, downright rapture, misfires, mishaps, and tragedy... but never before have we seen them in their guileless innocence... Welcome to adulthood, kids. It can burn with white heat, and it's always fatal." --Goodreads
"...an exciting journey from New Orleans to the banks of Bayou Lafourche... a suspenseful story of a family struggling to save one another... you may just call it magical."--Celeste Berteau, The New Orleans Advocate
"Stylishly written... A whopper of a ghost story... savvy and chilling."
"The magic here isn't really UFOs but rather the kind that allows the right people to find each other. Harper capably creates fully rounded portraits of her believable, scarred, sometimes-insecure, entirely lovable characters."
-Kirkus Reviews
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