mardi gras

February 27, 2011

Tags: Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, aversion therapy, Lenten austerity, Detroit area, houseguest, spring break, tradition, krewe, tits

It's not here yet, thank God, but it's coming up fast. And all I can think about is the laundry and vacuuming I haven't done.

College kids on spring break are already arriving seven to a subcompact with Illinois or Pennsylvania license plates, stopping just off the exit ramps to get out and stretch and gawk: We made it! This is really New Or-LEENZ! We're REALLY HERE! (Quick, get a cellphone picture of Staci and me in front of this palm tree!) (more…)

falling down

February 20, 2011

Tags: falling, slippers, menopausal, osteoporosis, ice skating, invisible

Okay, I'm a slob and a klutz--anybody who knows me well will confirm this. But the two came together a few nights ago in a perfect storm (hate that cliche, but it is what it is) of coordinated bad character and brought me down onto my own kitchen floor like a stunned steer.

I'd seen (more…)

miss julia's earrings

February 18, 2011

Tags: Piggly-Wiggly, golden earrings, mule wagon, heirloom, shotgun

Three dignified old people lived up the highway from us when I was growing up, siblings, none of them married and all of them strong as mules. Our car would pass their homestead and my father or mother would wave at one of them working in his vegetable garden or another of them out (more…)

surviving valentine's day

February 15, 2011

Tags: Valentine's Day, National Guard unit deployment, You're nobody 'till somebody loves you, Swiss Army knife

Well, it's over. Hallmark Cards, pop culture, television and a thousand radio love songs did their satanic best to make me feel bad about being single, but it didn't work.

I didn't even wear red to my day job. Well--to be honest--I don't own anything red except one cheap sweatshirt I bought before Valentine's Day back (more…)

soaking up sun

February 13, 2011

Tags: Sheryl Crowe, Katrina, happiness, friend Venus, ain't life grand

Another fine Sunday, clear and sunny, and the church people next door are singing their hearts out. So are the blue jays in the elm branches overhead, and although they're better known for that harsh shrieking they more often make, it seems that when the mood is right that they can pour out a (more…)

dancing on the edge

February 10, 2011

Tags: cats, catastrophes, foresight, heart attacks

Okay, I realize that disaster may be imminent, with this mug of hot coffee at my elbow and cat Casey having that wild-eyed look about him saying he desperately needs to do something crazy. Maggie twitches her tail against my thigh, watching Casey with intense disapproval. And there's this vulnerable laptop on my knees.


super bowl sunday

February 6, 2011

Tags: Super Bowl, New Orleans Saints, tribal ritual, Green Bay Packers

Yep, it's that time again. The big Sharing, where we all come together over snack foods that'll kill us to watch the culmination of the NFL season. It seems I can't write a sentence like that without sounding snide, but actually I'm a serious football fan and will certainly be watching. I always do (more…)

time and age

February 3, 2011

Tags: outdoor pets, old age, dying in sleep, friend Jonesy

When I was a child, I supposed that animals didn't grow old in the way of humans. Cats and dogs just hung around our house for years and then died. Well, we lived on a farm and what with automobiles out on the highway and other health hazards, outdoor pets didn't always reach their (more…)


February 1, 2011

Tags: tornado, blizzard, broken wedding engagement, stiff drink

If you needed the slightest justification for feeling uneasy, you couldn't ask for a better day.

That tremendous winter storm currently cutting the heart out of the midwest is bringing high winds down here with the possibility of tornados. Oh goody. I keep telling myself that the one back in 2007 kind of innoculated this (more…)