losing my religion

April 12, 2011

Tags: Westboro Baptist Church, Christians, Alzheimer's, Pat Buchanan, GOP, liberal Democrat, family values, Bill Clinton, Jesus, garden shed

I made a comment on Facebook yesterday about detesting Westboro Baptist Church's hateful "Christians" picketing military funerals, and I still stand behind it. They're free to say what they want, I'm free to say what I want. But one young friend of a friend interpreted it the wrong way and thought I was condemning (more…)

seeking perfect peace

April 7, 2011

Tags: springtime, Audubon Park coyote, red wasp, feral dogs, hurricane season, Saints football, NFL lockout, book publishers

It's a fine spring day and I'm in my back yard, which is where I like to be at such times. In my wild little Louisiana paradise, all this shade preventing a real lawn from flourishing, but that's okay because I can't feel guilty for not mowing what doesn't exist. Seated in (more…)