Celebrating Not-Yet Day

August 30, 2011

Tags: smoke, marsh fire, Saints, Katrina, Hurricane Irene, Vermont, sleeplessness, Lolo, Lisa, smoke detector, Safe Place, weird climate, today, Mayans, 2012, end of the world

I woke up at 2 A.M. on Monday morning smelling smoke, which is never a good thing. Smoke detectors were all silent, but still. It's not like you can just roll over and go back to sleep. I got up, checked the house, then opened the front door onto a hazy and empty street. (more…)

Don't Ask

August 25, 2011

Tags: Facebook, Hurricane Irene, Katrina Fatigue, grief, husband, pole-dancing, baby pandas, cancer, brave woman, silent strength, lucky

My Facebook page just now nudged me with its permanent "What's on your mind?" query but it actually caught my attention today for some reason. Well, hey there, Facebook, glad you asked. Hurricane Irene's headed for the east coast with friends of mine in its path, I'm a New Orleanian, this coming Monday morning will be (more…)

Invited To a Wedding

August 21, 2011

Tags: Dan and Lily, neighbors, synagogue, hippies, Israeli, cat Johnny, camping, ecologically-minded, watercolors, child, Pearl, singing, raccoon

Dan and Lily are getting married this afternoon at four-thirty but I'm not sure I'll attend. I want to. It's not often I get invited to a wedding where the couple already has a seven-year-old daughter. Will she be the flowergirl? I'd love to find out. But it's blowtorchy-hot outside, and I'll have to (more…)

Women Watching Football

August 14, 2011

Tags: Carol, Lolo, New Orleans Saints, black-and-gold, Wendy, SkinnyGirl margaritas, Mexican dip, Drew Brees, college, road race, antique sports car, home invasion, silver fork

"We might can go to Carol's..." Lolo suggested last Friday afternoon. We'd been discussing which bar to visit that night for the very first 2011 pre-season Saints game, Lolo unwilling to watch it alone. And me always up for football and alcohol. Not necessarily in that order.

"Carol's" isn't a bar, it's our good (more…)

Swan Lake and Birkenstocks

August 7, 2011

Tags: anorexia, ballet, feed this woman, comfortable shoes, killer bunions, BLACK SWAN, Natalie Portman, cupcake, psychosis, nail file, music, Lolo, Tchaikovsky, perfect, beauty, feet

Ballerinas can be anorexic, yes. No news here. A notably rude customer at my day job is definitely one, skeletal and late-fortysomething. Her age probably bugs her, with possible hunger pangs also enhancing a scorpion's personality. My friend Lolo mutters "Somebody feed this woman" whenever we see her come rocketing through the door because we (more…)

La Vie En Facebook

August 4, 2011

Tags: old friends, high school, social media, inadequate, Boomers, reticence, images, faces, forty years, wave, abyss

I feel so inadequate in this Facebook era, with dear old friends resurfacing after forty years and me not knowing what to say. "How've you been?" and "What're you doing now?" doesn't even begin to serve as an ice-breaker, and I'm even more helpless when someone asks similar things of me. I guess it's (more…)

Mindless Bodies

August 2, 2011

Tags: Betty Holloway, remember, memories, Alzheimer's, dementia, isolation, anger, suicide, Terry Pratchett, happier, smiling

It's a much better morning here today, now that I've learned of Betty Holloway's improvement. Whew! She still has a long way to go, but it's clear that she's turned a corner. She's out of the ICU and able to recognize her daughter again, which is huge. It's horrifying when your mother doesn't know who (more…)