Never-Say-Die Cancan

February 23, 2012

Tags: "Girls Gone Wild", old ladies, friends, traffic, Bourbon Street, Lolo, champagne, beer, hotdogs, folding chair, Rex, floats, toilets

You know why you never see old ladies on Bourbon Street in those "Girls Gone Wild" videos?

I can sense you thinking of several very obvious reasons, and yes, they're probably all valid. But the biggest and mainest Why Not of them all is simply that we can't walk that far.

--Not that locals (more…)

Al and The Truth

February 12, 2012

Tags: immigration, Poland, Wisconsin, atheist, science, intellect, Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke, afterlife, evolution, Really Big Surprise, heaven

He was either 93 or 94--I've lost track--and for decades celebrated the wrong birth date, probably a result of his parents' immigration experience. They arrived from Poland a long time ago, we know that much, to settle in Wisconsin. One early love of his there was the Roman Catholic (more…)