Confessions of A Sleepie

May 29, 2012

Tags: Food Network, prostitution, Ambien, sleep, insomnia, dreams, black-and-white, Alzheimer's, wine, Benadryl, tornados, hurricane season, cats, coyotes

Sleep is the most underrated of basic human pleasures.

There's an entire TV network for foodies, vast industries of porn and prostitution to serve sexual gourmands, wine tastings for oenophiles and smugglers for drugheads, yet we sleepies remain largely unembraced. Only the occasional ad for Ambien or TempurPedic mattresses even hints at our existence.

Me, I just love to sleep. Always have. I (more…)

Knock Knock, Who's There?

May 13, 2012

Tags: Lana, Mother's Day, Jazz Fest, brother, embarrassment, coffee, T-shirt, media, television

And no, it's no joke, it's my old friend Lana. Unexpectedly in town. Mother's Day morning, I'm still in bed (cats never make you breakfast) and somebody knocks on my door and I call out "Who is it?" And this voice answers "Lana", and the Lana who immediately comes to mind is one of (more…)

Jazz Fest and John

May 1, 2012

Tags: Jazz Fest, laundry, cat hair, friend John, New York City, "Mary Hartman", mother, Alzheimer's, strangers, dirt

Okay, so my old friend John is headed here tomorrow morning for Jazz Fest and I should be vacuuming up cat hair right now but got sidetracked by laundry. And on my way to the washing machine I poured myself a second cup of coffee, then remembered saying I'd email him with the location (more…)