Football, Butterflies and Hypertension

October 21, 2012

Tags: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints, high blood pressure, stress, screaming, love, Jonathan Vilma

Drew Brees just threw an interception on the Saints' very first possession of the game resulting in a Tampa Bay score, so maybe God is telling me to turn off the TV and blog. Because I'd rather blog than do laundry. And I can take the laptop outdoors to write. And it's (more…)

Blue Moon in Chicago

October 7, 2012

Tags: Chicago, Coco Pazzo, Lolo, Carol, John, Trish, Charlie, Elmhurst, Skinny Girl margaritas

I flew to Chicago last week with all-natural garlic capsules in my Ziploc baggie because my blood pressure was way higher than it should be. And all the beforehand hassles of packing, getting to the bank (what a laugh), buying enough cat food for my friend Claudia to feed to my zoo here in (more…)