Bang. Bang. Bang.

November 22, 2013

Tags: John Kennedy, John Lennon, Justin Bieber, FOR THE LOVE OF ROBERT E. LEE, assassination, "Raging Bull", Gabby Giffords, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Kennedy, Lower Richland High School, Jimmy Miller, CNN

Most of y'all are too young to remember him. I mean, it's fifty long years ago when he was assassinated, for God's sake. And a lot of you guys don't like our current President, so maybe you ought to imagine instead what it'd feel like if somebody suddenly upped and shot Justin Bieber. Or--no... wait... Hmm. (more…)

Lies Told To Cats

November 6, 2013

Tags: Casey, veterinarian, pet carrier, Volvo, flying saucer, truth, betrayal, Pill Pocket, alien abduction

Two weeks ago, cat Casey went to the vet for an ingrown toenail. It happens to animals too. I never knew that. And a dew claw is wicked sharp. Poor little dude. I knew it was a job for professionals. "Do Not Try This At Home" was written all over it.

The follow-up vet (more…)