Margaritas and Finger Sandwiches

February 6, 2016

Tags: Mardi Gras Saturday, playing with dolls, the "Mama Doll Song", "Puff the Magic Dragon", Thoth parade, friends, cold weather

It's a beautiful, chilly, Mardi Gras Saturday here in Louisiana. There must be like a gazillion parades scheduled for today, but I don't intend to go see any of them. Hmm. Just when did I stop Mardi Grazing, and why? Well, a dear friend's death several years ago from a fall certainly had something to with it--the sadness still lingers--but even (more…)

Never-Say-Die Cancan

February 23, 2012

Tags: "Girls Gone Wild", old ladies, friends, traffic, Bourbon Street, Lolo, champagne, beer, hotdogs, folding chair, Rex, floats, toilets

You know why you never see old ladies on Bourbon Street in those "Girls Gone Wild" videos?

I can sense you thinking of several very obvious reasons, and yes, they're probably all valid. But the biggest and mainest Why Not of them all is simply that we can't walk that far.

--Not that locals (more…)

official complaint department of the universe

March 24, 2011

Tags: telephone, venting, friends, complaints

That's what I feel like.

Please, no more bad news. This has been such a rough week.

Three close and old friends phoned me last night, boom boom boom, one immediately after another, from the moment I got home from work until nearly 9:30 p.m. when at last I was able to say goodnight and go nuke my pathetic little frozen dinner entree. (more…)