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My birthday is tomorrow.

Friends have been known to throw me surprise parties, but unless it's a better-kept secret than seems likely, that ain't happening this year. Quiet drinks with two good pals suits me better. I'll even be content if the cats fail to heave up a hairball for the day. That's what I get for being born during fur-shedding season.

As for parties, I've had enough. My first two were at ages four and eight. The fourth was in my  Read More 
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moon cat

She limped into my back yard in April of 2003, accompanying a three-legged black tomcat. He was a handsome devil, wild and wily, the stump of his left hind leg only now beginning to heal just below the knee. I couldn't get anywhere close to the pair; they'd vanish beneath my next-door neighbor's  Read More 
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heaven and high water

This springtime has been and continues to be the most beautiful in recent memory, which basically means that for the first time in years the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival wasn't rained on. Last year saw storm after storm and the store where I work sold out of rain boots. But the last  Read More 
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on hiatus

I've been away from blogging for a while but expect to get back to it soon. All is well, though. As a matter of fact, it's better than well. I had planned to blog on Easter Sunday but something came up and I didn't do it: nothing like a big meal (which I didn't  Read More 
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