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getting on with it, and fresh eggs

I don't know where this is going, but it concerns several memorable people.

There's so much on my mind, the troubles (marital and otherwise) so many friends are slogging through, but their stories are their own and I don't feel I have a right to be specific in their telling. I've substituted initials for names in  Read More 
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refusing to be bummed

I'm basically a positive person.

I love to bitch about stuff just for the sake of bitching, but still, there's a whole lot about today's world and its young(er) inhabitants that I enjoy and even applaud. Tattoos, for instance. Don't have one, probably won't ever get one (too expensive, and which square inch  Read More 
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I stopped by my friend Elizabeth's house yesterday morning on my way to work, just for schmoozing. She's been going through what the British call a "bad patch" lately and I hadn't seen her in many weeks. Whenever I drop by like that, we have about an hour to visit and she always makes  Read More 
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becky's immortal gardenia

There's an unkempt-looking gardenia bush right out front of my house near the sidewalk. From where I sit and write, I can easily view it through the window and can tell by the stillness of its leaves that no breeze blows now, despite the thunder I'm hearing. That plant out there is Becky's immortal gardenia, living weather radar.

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