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Doctors, Words and Clarity

I read an emotional email awhile ago from Betty Holloway's daughter, so I'm depressed on this overcast day. But at least I recognize that I'm lucky to be feeling something. At least SOMETHING. Because of those pained, meaningful words.

Ms. Holloway had surgery yesterday to drain off fluid in the effort to treat an  Read More 
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Girl Fanboy Mourns the Last Space Shuttle

I was such a fanboy growing up, although the word didn't exist yet and I was a girl. But through my thick glasses I devoured Superman and Hawkman and Metal Men comic books, read all the Lester Del Ray and Robert Heinlein juvenile science fiction my elementary school library stocked and obsessively tracked the real-life  Read More 
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Requested Prayers

In a hospital over in Houston lies a lady named Betty Holloway, fighting for her life. --Which is such a cliched, reality-TV way of putting it, but that's exactly what she's doing. Her head has been shaved, one aneurysm in her brain successfully encoiled, but another and smaller one is beginning to bulge and  Read More 
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The Mess She Made

My bad old cat Lola had to be put to sleep four days ago. I knew it was coming and had been for a long time--she had a lump on her chest which was discovered last August but at age sixteen-plus, she wasn't a candidate for aggressive treatment (in my opinion) and I chose  Read More 
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the Fourth of July

It's the Fourth of July, hotter'n hell, and I need to be outside cutting the cat claw vine off of the gardenia out front but it's just too bleepin' hot so here I am blogging over (hot) coffee. I'll probably do some Fourthish things later on with friends and might even take in the fireworks tonight,  Read More 
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the lagoon of mystery

A dear old friend of mine--call him Luther "Bud" Whaney, something he once named himself but that's a whole other story--had this huge crush on actress Carrie Fisher right after "Star Wars" came out in the mid-seventies. Bud, an actor/musician/comedian himself, was in the right place at the right time and  Read More 
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