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Anything could've happened last night. A whole lot probably did. But I know about none of it.


It occurs to me that blogging over morning coffee without checking any news sites first is to out myself as the temporary ignoramus I totally am, but then I recall that I'm not Ann Curry or  Read More 
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Freak Heat Wave

Well, that's what I HOPE it is. Merely an unseasonable heat wave, a phase, a temporary glitch in the meteorological clockwork. I hope spring will remember to come back, because summer has already kicked it to the curb and the temperature has been over 80 degrees now for three or four days in a row. At this  Read More 
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Update to "Icee Guy"

Lolo tells me that co-worker Jane now informs her that Bobby the Icee Guy resides in a nearby nursing home within easy walking distance of the store. Aha!

But this totally bums Lolo out, because the facility is known as a not-so-posh place where most of its residents are on Medicaid. And her only experience with nursing  Read More 
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Icee Guy

Lolo was the first to notice. She's more observant than I am, more attuned to clues like watches, rings, sunglasses. "He comes from money."

All I saw was an older man, slightly disheveled with white beard stubble, appearing at our store from time to time to buy Icees. Yes, we're a gift shop that  Read More 
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