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Signs and Portents

I hear distant thunder. This is nothing new. It happens every day now and often doesn't mean a thing for my own location, and the sun is still bright here on my street and the sky still blue. But somebody somewhere south of the city is getting clobbered.

That about sums up my general mood  Read More 
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Good News, Anybody?

Dammit, there must be some good news on some front out there somewhere. I keep searching for it. Today's Google headlines feature a Florida teen whose arm was bitten off by an alligator, British scientists confirming climate change (and not for the better) and stats revealing that sitting for more than three hours a day can shorten your life (hmm...about how  Read More 
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Patriotic Me

Okay, it's the Fourth of July again and I'm still trying to figure out why conservatives think I hate my country. Maybe they don't really believe it--the intelligent ones--any more than I believe all Republicans witlessly subscribe to Creationism. Maybe it's just a convenient thing to say, a kind of political shorthand. A way of distinguishing themselves from those  Read More 
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