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Avoiding Mardi Gras

Okay, I might totally skip Carnival this year.

Today--Sunday--it's raining. And even if it stops, there're going to be puddles everywhere deep as ponds afterward. Only with broken beads in 'em, and plastic bottles and cups. Floating chunks of soggy hot dogs, cigarette butts, brown dead leaves and stuff nobody wants to think  Read More 
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Letting Myself Go

When I turned thirty-three years old, I was stunned at having lived as long as Jesus. Sort of old, and I could die! But society said this wasn't old at all--oldER, maybe, but not "old"--so I went on my first-ever diet. Then as I approached forty, an age during my childhood where women could finally give up and surrender to time and weight, TIME magazine said I was still in  Read More 
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