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Sorry To Neglect You, Dear Blog...

The last time I posted here, it was the heat of August I was bitching about. I let it make me lazy. And then grew more involved with a new novel (yet untitled, but due out sometime this spring) in my JOLIE BLONDE series, to such a degree where I was working on it from... well, NOT dawn, since I don't get out of bed at dawn... but let's say "from early 'til late", giving almost no attention to anything else. Poor little FAINT BLOG sat sadly in the corner like a neglected puppy. And after that, I ended up injuring my left wrist. Getting old's a bummer. Your reflexes are shot, and you don't heal as fast as you once did.

Using the left to type became temporarily impossible, so I concentrated on just getting the book finished (caps lock ON; caps lock OFF) with one hand while letting everything else temporarily go: FAINT GLOW here, housework, you name it. Yet as of today, typing with the left is not only again doable, but is actually comfortable, so here I am. The damn wrist is lumpy in places where it's not supposed to be-- yes, I probably broke it-- but it's getting the job done. As a result, I'm running to FAINT GLOW like in a pharmaceutical commercial to take it up and hug it, apologize to it, and assure it that it'll always have a home for me and I'll feed it well.

Welcome back, Left Hand. Forgive me, FAINT BLOG. Onward!
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