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Blue Moon in Chicago

I flew to Chicago last week with all-natural garlic capsules in my Ziploc baggie because my blood pressure was way higher than it should be. And all the beforehand hassles of packing, getting to the bank (what a laugh), buying enough cat food for my friend Claudia to feed to my zoo here in  Read More 
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Long Time, No Write

...And no excuses, except for several small upheavals and general laziness. But all is going well(-ish) with me. Way better than I deserve.

Lolo, Carol and I are headed up to Chicago this weekend to reunite with Jazzfest guest John from last spring, also to see Trish and Charlie and their young sons  Read More 
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Hands That Are Not Mine

The late Hunter S. Thompson once said, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Well, I guess he knew what he was talking about because that's what I've gone and done.

I've accepted money for reading palms. Four palms, as a matter of fact--two people, both hands. Friends of mine, yes,  Read More 
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Women Watching Football

"We might can go to Carol's..." Lolo suggested last Friday afternoon. We'd been discussing which bar to visit that night for the very first 2011 pre-season Saints game, Lolo unwilling to watch it alone. And me always up for football and alcohol. Not necessarily in that order.

"Carol's" isn't a bar, it's our good  Read More 
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