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Confessions of A Sleepie

Sleep is the most underrated of basic human pleasures.

There's an entire TV network for foodies, vast industries of porn and prostitution to serve sexual gourmands, wine tastings for oenophiles and smugglers for drugheads, yet we sleepies remain largely unembraced. Only the occasional ad for Ambien or TempurPedic mattresses even hints at our existence.

Me, I just love to sleep. Always have. I  Read More 
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Bad Cats and Jewelry

I had the chance to reconnect this past weekend in Mississippi with one of my oldest and dearest friends, and took it.

Camilla was my BFF for more years than seems possible and we had the sorts of adventures young women had during the brief Age of Aquarius--boyfriends turning out to be  Read More 
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The Date Says It All

Like nearly all Americans, I've been affected by today's date. I didn't anticipate that when I woke up this peaceful, sunny morning, but eventually it got to me, and I'm not an emotional person. I don't feel like writing about 9/11 right now but am unable to write about anything else, so let me  Read More 
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dancing on the edge

Okay, I realize that disaster may be imminent, with this mug of hot coffee at my elbow and cat Casey having that wild-eyed look about him saying he desperately needs to do something crazy. Maggie twitches her tail against my thigh, watching Casey with intense disapproval. And there's this vulnerable laptop on my knees.

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