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Fire on The Bayou

"Harper hits the ball out of the park...Peppered with Cajun expressions from the Savoie family members. Call it romance, call it literary fiction or just call it a good book. But when you reach the end, you may just call it magical." --Celeste Berteau, The New Orleans Advocate

"What a delight to make the acquaintance of the flesh and blood A.P. Savoie, after coming to know him in...another Harper's 'Cajun Spirit' (first published as 'The Year of Past Things')! 'Fire on the Bayou' offers a seamless and revelatory prologue to that book, making clear the power of A.P.'s sensuality, intelligence, volatility, talent, and tragic beauty. Contradictory, infuriating and perverse, he is nevertheless an intensely attractive character who only becomes more so as the story develops and its pace ramps up with almost alarming speed. If you read and loved 'Cajun Spirit,' you MUST read 'Fire on the Bayou'!"
--Beth LeBlanc

A prequel to M.A. Harper’s paranormal romance, Cajun Spirit, Fire on the Bayou tells the story of Cajun musician A.P. Savoie, a recovering alcoholic living and gigging in New Orleans while trying to forget about his 7-year-old son Cam and anthropologist ex-wife Michelle, who’s found love up in New York City. When A.P.’s mother “Feen” intervenes to arrange for her grandson to travel down to Louisiana for Christmas, Michelle decides to tag along–sans boyfriend. Despite all their efforts to remain apart, A.P. and Michelle fall madly in love once again, Feen struggling all the while to ignore nightmares and visions of A.P.’s grisly death...