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Things That Can Fall

"...a dark tragicomedy of the Seventies....AIDS lurks unknown, just over the horizon. Yet danger is seductive here in the East Village....Something to be in love with."

-Bluff Road Books

The Worst Day of My Life, So Far

"A story of real grace and power."

Kirkus Reviews

"Readers ... will find themselves laughing out loud and moved to tears. An immense and original talent."

The Times-Picayune

"From the heartbreaking to the sidesplitting, the magic of this book is in the details."

Mobile Register

Diamonds in The Sky

"Deft characterization, wry humor and quiet but momentous scenes of growing affection create a deep-down satisfying novel." --Kirkus Reviews

2015 Digital Book Award nominee

The Girl Who Danced at the Come On Inn

"Is it really possible to recognize your soulmate at age sixteen? THE GIRL WHO DANCED AT THE COME ON INN is the glorious, joyful answer... We've loved the Savoies... through pyrotechnics, passion, downright rapture, misfires, mishaps, and tragedy... but never before have we seen them in their guileless innocence... Welcome to adulthood, kids. It can burn with white heat, and it's always fatal."                                         -Goodreads



Fire on The Bayou

"...Harper hits the ball out of the park... Call it romance, call it literary fiction or just call it a good book. But when you reach the end, you may just call it magical." -Celeste Berteau, The New Orleans Advocate

Love After Death

"The prize is the way Harper uses the supernatural as a medium to show a middle-aged couple's fears... There's a genuine ghost story here, but it's the human story that sets off shivers."

–Eric Reyes, San Francisco Chronicle

For The Love of Robert E. Lee

"...Lee is no stranger to novels...[appearing] in works as disparate as The Killer Angels and Traveller. M. A. Harper offers the best portrait of Lee as a human being I have ever seen in American fiction...Fascinating, intriguing, exciting."

–Emory M. Thomas, Robert E. Lee; a biography